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Shop for Your Dream Engagement Ring with this Expert Guide

March 15th, 2022

Engagement Rings

Realizing you want to spend the rest of your life with a person is a huge step in a relationship. The next step is to shop for the engagement ring that will excite and wow your significant other when you propose. With a multitude of different rings out there, you may need some assistance finding the one that best suits your partner’s style and personality. Our experts at Adlers Jewelers have put together this guide to help with your shopping journey.

Halo Engagement Ring

Prioritize Your Budget

For many, the marketing ploy that your engagement rings should cost the equivalent to three months’ salary is outdated and irrelevant. However, your engagement ring is a symbolic item that you should invest time and money into finding.

A larger carat size or diamond with excellent clarity may be more expensive than a different shaped diamond or one with a lower clarity level. If you love the setting, but cannot afford the center stone you really want, then start with a smaller stone and remount down the road.

Pear-Shaped Center Diamond Engagement Ring

Decide What Shape Stone

The center stone will be the spotlight of your ring, and the shape of the diamond will change the feel of the ring. Your partner may already have a favorite cut that they may drop hints about, but if not then you want to make sure you shop with the most information possible. Here is a simple breakdown of the most common diamond shapes:

  • Round: a classic favorite with 58 facets for a brilliant shine
  • Princess: a square, pyramidal shape that shifts light and shadows for an intriguing look
  • Emerald: long parallel facets show off high-clarity stones for an art deco feel
  • Marquise: two pointed sides of this tapered stone to create a unique sparkle
  • Oval: an elongated round shape with more surface area to reflect more shine
  • Pear: a hybrid with a pointed side like a marquise and a rounded side like an oval, also known as a teardrop diamond.
  • Cushion: rounded edges to this square cut stone give the facets a plush, full sparkle.

Round Center Stone Engagement Ring

Set the Stage with Designer Engagement Rings

Once you know what shape the center stone will be, then it is time to decide how you want the stone to be displayed. The setting is important as it creates the staging for the center stone and accent stones to truly shine.

Make sure you’re taking your partner’s styles into consideration when shopping for an engagement ring. Some will enjoy subtle pave diamonds along the band with a beautiful round solitaire while others will like a glamorous halo surrounding a cushion cut stone set in a wide band with prong set gemstones to accent. Options by world-renowned designers are endless to create a fine ring that will perfectly suit any personality and aesthetic.

Southern California designer TACORI creates phenomenal rings in various styles in their collection that are inspired by picturesque landscapes. Verragio crafts 100% customizable pieces that are “unlike any other ring,” and will have your partner smiling from ear to ear.

Engagement Ring At Adlers Jewelers

Discover Your Engagement Ring at Adlers Jewelers

At Adlers Jewelers, we look forward to helping you symbolize your love with a stunning engagement ring. For those with a more specific vision, we also offer custom ring design.

Our professionals are also proficient at jewelry repair if there ever comes a time when you need your piece restored to its prior beauty. With over 100 years in business, we proudly serve our Westfield community with the finest selection of fashion and bridal jewelry along with well-crafted timepieces. Contact us so that we can help you find your next piece of luxury.