Custom Design

One of a Kind Custom Jewelry Designer

Our talented design staff or your inspiration will provide th inspiration to create a one of a kind design pieces of jewelry. You will work with our Graduate Gemologists, who will offer guidance to use the diamond or gems you own. We will also supply or expertly match any gemstone needed for your concept.

If your design is intricate or highly detailed, a CAD (computer aided design) is created for your design. This way you will be able to view your custom piece before it has been created. You will be able to make any number of changes at this point in the process. Once you have approved the final design, your piece is now ready to be created. Lastly, our staff of experienced craftsman, will then take your design to reality.

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Custom Design

Custom Jewelry Design

There is nothing that quite expresses your commitment to everlasting love like an engagement ring that truly comes from the heart. Custom jewelry design is a beautiful way to ensure that the ring you present your bride-to-be with is made specifically with her in mind and incorporates every element that you feel is important. Trained and experienced craftsmen take you through every step of the process to ensure that ring will be exactly what you imagined. When you present an exquisite customized engagement ring, nothing will ever compare to the smile that comes to her lips when she says, "Yes!"

Custom Design

Why Create a Custom Engagement Ring?

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, most play it safe and choose a style from a designer because it is easier and already made. However, creating a custom engagement ring allows you to design a piece that caters to what you or your partner likes. Details such as the setting, center stone, and additional intricacies such as gemstone accents can be included in the design. An exceptional team of jewelers will guide you through the process making it as seamless as possible to bring to life a gorgeous ring that will be cherished for years.

Custom Design

Get Inspired

If you aren't sure what you want in an engagement ring, there are many ways to get inspired. Start your search by looking through magazines and websites to get a feel for what options are available. Be sure to visit a professional jeweler, like Adlers Jewelers, to get an idea of design elements, materials, and stone sizes. To ensure that you are creating a dream piece that represents your bride-to-be, don't be afraid to go to her for some ideas. Her favorite pieces of jewelry can give you clues to the types of metals she prefers, like rose or white gold, and the styles she prefers to wear, such as vintage or modern.

Custom Design

How to Get a Custom Design Started

To get started, begin with exercising your imagination. If you can dream it, we can help you create it. One of our graduate gemologists will help you determine the best combinations of elements, including stones and metals, to incorporate into your design and use advanced CAD—Computer Aided Design—to produce a detailed drawing. In addition, we will assist you with adding your ideal center stone into your design and help you select one that fits your budget. Once the design and materials are approved by you, we will get to work bringing your dream ring to life.

Why Choose Adlers Jewelers as Your Custom Design Partner?

The talented team of creative designers at Adlers Jewelers is excited to help you begin your journey to create the ideal custom engagement ring. We are happy to help walk you through every step of the process and look forward to assisting you in this very important adventure. At our Westfield jewelry showroom, located near Cranford, Fanwood, and Jersey City, we feature some of the world's top designers to give you beautiful inspiration and are ready to answer all your questions. Be sure to schedule an in-person appointment with a design specialist by calling us at (908) 233-6900 today!