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About FOPE

FOPE, the renowned jewelry designer, has emerged as the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship at Adlers Jewelers in Westfield, New Jersey. Their exquisite creations, marked by an unparalleled blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary flair, have captivated discerning customers seeking the finest in high-end jewelry. Adlers Jewelers proudly showcases FOPE's masterpieces. With a reputation for innovation and attention to detail, FOPE consistently provides Adlers Jewelers with a curated collection that complements the store's commitment to offering the most exquisite pieces to their esteemed clientele. Their partnership is a testament to the harmonious relationship of luxury and artistry, making FOPE an indispensable asset to the world of fine jewelry at Adlers Jewelers in Westfield, New Jersey.

Popular FOPE Jewelry Collections

FOPE bracelets are the cornerstone of the brand's global success. With an unmistakable design characterized by their smooth gold mesh chain, these bracelets are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure. Available in an array of shapes and gauges at Adlers Jewelers, FOPE's gold mesh bracelets grace wrists in resplendent yellow, white, rose gold, or the captivating tricolored variation, some adorned with glistening diamonds. At the core of these bracelets lies FOPE's ingenious and patented "roll on" mesh chain, meticulously crafted in 18k gold and imbued with extraordinary flexibility, thanks to concealed gold springs nestled between each link. Effortlessly rolling onto the wrist, these bracelets offer unparalleled comfort and convenience, eliminating the need for clasps. The experience of adorning a Flex'it bracelet is a revelation in contemporary luxury, an exquisite fusion of form and function that epitomizes the ethos of Adlers Jewelers.

A beacon of Italian craftsmanship, FOPE graces the display cases at Adlers Jewelers with a blend of sophistication and versatility. Their gold chain necklaces, featuring the iconic Novecento mesh chain in various shapes, sizes, and embellishments, offer a canvas for mixing and matching styles. Known for their sleekness and understated elegance, these necklaces are designed for all-day wear, available in regular, long, or lariat styles, adaptable to any occasion. Complementing their necklaces, FOPE presents a range of gold rings, ranging from classic solid designs to contemporary Flex'it rings. Crafted with stretchable mesh, these rings redefine elegance with their comfort and flexibility, offering a choice between diamond-adorned and timeless variations in yellow, white, or rose gold. FOPE's gold earrings, inspired by the Novecento chain, embody understated luxury. Mostly available as stud earrings, with occasional pendant or hoop models, they convey an essence of refined beauty, reflecting the highest quality standards in Vicenza, Italy, and ensuring Adlers Jewelers patrons a taste of enduring Italian artistry.

Discover FOPE at Adlers Jewelers

At Adlers Jewelers, we take pride in being the foremost Westfield stop for jewelry by FOPE. Our extensive collection exhibits the splendor and craftsmanship that makes each piece a treasured masterpiece. As your trusted jeweler in Westfield, New Jersey, we invite you to explore our outstanding range of bridal and fine jewelry. Our expert team is eager to assist you in procuring the most desirable piece that embodies your style. Visit our store to experience time-honored elegance, or request a personalized appointment for a dedicated consultation at Adlers Jewelers.