Halo Rings



Characteristics of Halo Rings

Our carefully curated inventory here at Adlers Jewelers offers a captivating selection of halo engagement rings that epitomize timeless elegance. These enchanting rings feature a center diamond encircled by a shimmering halo of smaller diamonds, which not only accentuates the center stone's brilliance but also adds a sense of grandeur to the overall design. The addition of  the halo creates an optical illusion of a larger gem, making halo rings an exquisite choice for those who desire maximum sparkle and visual impact. At Adlers Jewelers, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect halo engagement ring that encapsulates your love story.

Popular Halo Engagement Ring Designers

Each bridal jewelry designer we house brings a distinct flair to the beloved halo setting, making it easy to find a ring that is a true reflection of your love. TACORI's halo rings are characterized by their signature crescent design, creating a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics. Hearts On Fire, known for their perfectly cut diamonds, incorporates a remarkable level of precision into their halo designs, ensuring an unparalleled brilliance. Verragio is celebrated for their architecturally-inspired designs, allowing you to choose from a variety of intricate styles, such as those featuring signature scrollwork and French beading. 

We are also proud to offer our discerning clientele the opportunity to browse halo engagement rings from widely beloved brands like Simon G., a designer renowned for their truly regal and carefully crafted rings, making them a top choice for those seeking timeless elegance with a touch of extravagance. Meanwhile, A.JAFFE is celebrated for a rich heritage in craftsmanship and sleek silhouettes forged in high quality materials. Finally, Noam Carver's halo rings are celebrated for their contemporary yet graceful designs, incorporating innovative settings that enhance the central diamond's brilliance.

Shop Halo Rings at Adlers Jewelers

Mark life's most cherished moments by finding the halo engagement ring of your dreams at Adlers Jewelers, your premier Westfield jewelry store. What sets us apart is our commitment to your vision. Our custom design services allow you to craft a halo ring that is uniquely yours. We believe in making your dream ring a reality, and our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment with us today and discover the exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled service that have defined Adlers Jewelers for over a century. Your dream ring awaits.