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Summertime Sparkle: Ideal Necklace Styles for the Season

June 15th, 2024

a woman’s neckline adorned with layered silver and diamond necklaces

Summer is a dazzling time to let your distinctive aesthetic shine, and with the extensive collection of designer necklaces from Adlers Jewelers, you’re sure to find the flawless centerpiece for your ensemble. Each piece, designed to hang at the center of your silhouette, captures and reflects the light, enhancing your presence wherever you go. Our inventory is carefully curated to complement any summer occasion, from laid-back beach parties to elegant evening gatherings. Discover the ideal addition to your summer wardrobe with a necklace that not only accentuates your outfit but also elevates your entire seasonal look.

a white gold layered necklace by Lagos with pearl accents

Luxurious Layerables

This summer, the trend of layerable jewelry is taking center stage, offering a unique and dynamic way to express personal style. Pieces like this Lagos Luna pearl station necklace allows for an eclectic look that's both stylish and versatile. This particular necklace, with its elegant length, can be elegantly wrapped twice around the neck, instantly creating a chic, layered effect. Such flexibility makes it a top pick for fashion-forward individuals looking to customize their summer ensembles with a hint of sophistication and a playful twist. The trend is all about making a statement that is as individual as the wearer.

a yellow gold and mother of pearl necklace by Marco Bicego

Sculptural Statements

Jewelry that boasts a hand-crafted appearance, featuring organic lines, shapes, and textures, is already capturing the hearts of many this year. This Marco Bicego Lunaria necklace exemplifies this trend beautifully. Each piece in this collection resembles delicate, hand-formed leaves, showcasing the artistry and unique touch of its creator. The subtle, natural contours and the soft gleam of mother of pearl combine to create a piece that’s not just worn but experienced. Such designs are cherished for their art-like quality and stand out for their elegance and timeless appeal, making them a popular choice for those with a refined taste in jewelry.

a yellow gold heart pendant necklace featuring round cut diamonds

Meaningful Heart Motifs

Nostalgic symbols, such as the heart motif, are making a stylish return to the fashion forefront, capturing both classic appeal and contemporary flair. A perfect example of this trend is this Roberto Coin Venetian Princess heart pendant necklace. Crafted in warm yellow gold and adorned with sparkling diamonds, this piece merges traditional charm with modern elegance. Its design makes it an ideal accessory for enhancing any summer outfit, offering a touch of luxury and a lot of love. As these universal symbols regain their popularity, they remind us of fashion's enduring love affair with romantic imagery.

a yellow gold locket charm with sapphires in a butterfly shape

Cherishable Charms

Another similarly nostalgic style of jewelry that is re-emerging in the fashion spotlight is the charm necklace. Pieces like this Temple St. Clair sapphire butterfly locket pendant offers a unique blend of sentimentality and customization. Wearers can tailor their look daily, adding personal touches that speak to their life’s milestones, memories, and dreams. This particular pendant, with its delicate butterfly motif and vibrant sapphires, allows for a deeply personal expression of style while also serving as a meaningful keepsake. Such versatility and emotional connection make these adornments not just accessories but cherished pieces of a personal narrative.

a woman’s neckline adorned with layered pendant necklaces

Find the Perfect Necklaces for Summer at Adlers Jewelers

Visit Adlers Jewelers this summer to explore our exquisite selection of designer necklaces. Our Westfield, New Jersey jewelry store offers a wide array of fine designer jewelry that's perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your summer wardrobe. Beyond our impressive collection, we also provide expert jewelry repair services to ensure your cherished pieces always look their best. To make your experience as personalized and satisfying as possible, we invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members. Let us help you find the perfect piece to complement your summer style.