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Find the Engagement Ring She Really Wants

September 15th, 2022

Engagement Ring

Throughout the world, engagement rings are an integral part of romance. They are the culmination of a life spent looking for a life partner with all the traditions and struggles the adventure involves. Many have dreamed of their engagement ring since childhood. Yet, most people keep this in their heads. If you are wanting to make the proposal a surprise, this can cause a conundrum. Learn how to find out their innermost desires covertly for their dream engagement ring with help from our team at Adlers Jewelers.


First: What You Need to Know

It’s important to know what you are trying to find. There’s a lot that goes into buying an engagement ring. These beautiful pieces are made to be worn forever so finding the perfect one should be a careful, thoughtful process. Here’s a checklist of things you need to know:

  • Ring size
  • Material: White, yellow, or rose gold? What about platinum’
  • Diamond: Shape, cut, and size.
  • Balance: Understated or overstated’
  • Style: Vintage, modern, or something in between’

The first step is to find the ring size. If it’s too loose, it could fall off; if it’s too tight, it might not fit at all. Second, you want to make sure that she likes it. People have strong opinions on jewelry, especially on materials like rose gold. Some also have thoughts on diamond cuts, although not everyone has thought that far into it. Third, you want to make sure it suits her style preferences. Some prefer the elegant and refined look, while others like to make a statement with bold and bright jewelry.

Engagement Ring

Ask a Friend

While engagement rings may not be a constant topic of conversation, people do talk about jewelry on occasion. Be it on a shopping trip or a magazine browse, it can be fun to make our strong jewelry opinions known. An easy way to be discreet is by contacting one of her friends.

Ask said friend to swear to secrecy before consulting them. If they do not have all the answers, you can devise a plan together. They can go jewelry shopping together, while her friend tracks the type of jewelry she likes the most. Make sure your co-conspirator figures out your soon-to-be spouse’s ring size as it can be hard to find out on your own.

Engagement Ring

Sleuth Around

There are a few ways to get the information you need without consulting a friend, although it’s risky. You will need to have gusto, bravado, and cunning. First, we recommend rooting through their jewelry collection. A lot of thought goes into accumulating jewelry, which leads to a collection that reflects one’s tastes and preferences.

Remember that helpful checklist? Take note of every common element: what metals are used the most, what styles are more ubiquitous, and so on. If you cannot find her left ring finger size without asking, here’s an idea: wrap yarn around her finger while she’s napping and measure where the ends meet.

Dream Engagement Ring At Adlers Jewelers

Find Her Dream Engagement Ring at Adlers Jewelers

At Adlers Jewelers, we make it our mission to offer Westfield, New Jersey couples the most romantic engagement rings. All of the pieces we provide are guaranteed to take her breath away. We also have a variety of professional jewelry repair services available to ensure that every piece of jewelry stays as beautiful as the day you purchased it. Call our showroom at (908) 233-6900 to learn more.