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Designer Spotlight: Marco Bicego

February 5th, 2023

Woman holding a Marco Bicego ribbon and wearing multiple fashion rings by the prestigious brand

We at Adlers Jewelers are immensely proud to serve our discerning and fashionable community by providing them with the finest designer jewelry available. It is our pleasure to house several collections from the reputable Marco Bicego. Those seeking a distinctive, expressive accessory that goes easily from day to night, casual to formal, should look no further than the eye-catching pieces from this designer. Our experts here at Adlers Jewelers put together a guide to some of our favorite collections from this well-beloved brand.

About Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego inherited his business from his father, who founded the brand in 1958. Since 2000, Bicego has honored timeless Italian jewelry-making traditions while incorporating a fresh, contemporary feel that allows these pieces to stand out from the crowd. Headquartered in the province of Vicenza, what is known as Italy’s capital of gold, this designer works exclusively in 18k gold.

Venetian and Italian influences meld with influences from cultures worldwide, from the African Masai tribe to the Sahara Desert to the vibrant city of Jaipur. Organic textures, fluid shapes, and brightly colored gemstones come together for accessories that are unlike anything else on the market.

Three gold bracelets from the Marrakech collection by Marco Bicego


Marco Bicego’s signature collection, Marrakech is characterized by hand-twisted metal that creates movement, drawing the eye along its unique coils. Uniquely sensual and modern, these pieces communicate sophistication and elegance yet are phenomenally versatile. Gently twisting chain bracelets and necklaces can stand on their own as minimalist accessories or serve as wonderful stacking pieces.

Two fashion rings from Marco Bicego’s Marrakech Onde collection featuring floral diamond arrangements

Marrakech Onde

The Marrakech Onde collection utilizes soft coils and incorporates brightly sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones that add even more visual interest to the pieces. Mixed metals and subtle floral motifs give this collection a playful edge while still retaining much of the versatility of the original collection.

Three pairs of earrings in the Jaipur Gold collection, including drop and stud earrings

Jaipur Gold

The Jaipur Gold collection offers gold links of various sizes that provide distinctive and attention-grabbing depth to this collection's mesmerizing and iconic pieces. Hand-engraving techniques add texture and a slightly matte appearance, while polished accents create stunning contrast.

Three colorful gemstone pendants in the Africa Boules collection

Africa Boules

Modified gold spheres and rounded gemstones are the crown jewels of the Africa Boules collection, serving almost as a modern, edgier alternative to the classic pearl. Organically and uniquely shaped, these accessories always draw attention. These minimal pendant necklaces make for distinctive gifts as well as go-to accessories.

A pair of attractive gemstone bracelets featured in the Paradise collection by Adlers Jewelers


The Paradise collection celebrates gemstones and the whimsicality of incorporating a spectrum of colors into one piece. Station necklaces and bracelets are dotted with rounded gems beautifully accentuated by warm yellow gold.

A woman wearing yellow gold drops along with a wide multi-metal bracelet

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