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Creative Jewelry Gifting Ideas

October 15th, 2022

Creative Jewelry Gifting Ideas

There’s nothing quite like opening a velvety jewelry box to reveal a sparkling piece chosen for you by someone you love. However, this experience could be made even more special with a dash of creativity. Consider one of these unique and unexpected methods of presenting that piece to your recipient from our team at Adlers Jewelers, if you are thinking about giving someone special a mesmerizing jewelry gift.

Enlist the Help of Furry Friends

For the animal lovers in your life, plan a jewelry presentation centered around their favorite pets. As well as giving them the gift of a stunning piece of jewelry, this will show your loved one that you pay special attention to the things they value in life.

You may tie the jewelry box to a pet’s collar and call them over to where you and your gift recipient sit. Or, place one of their favorite treats in a box in the corner of the room and have your gift recipient follow them to the box.

Heart Diamond Necklace

Misleading Packaging

Imbue your jewelry presentation with a bit of humor by using misleading packaging. Place the jewelry in a series of boxes in graduating sizes so that, with each box they open, there is a smaller box to follow.

Another method certain to induce plenty of laughs is to wrap the jewelry gift in a box that looks and feels distinctly like something else. Craft a package that looks like something other than a gemstone necklace or feels much heavier than a pair of earrings.


Scavenger Hunt

Create an entire event out of your gift with a memorable scavenger hunt. Use locations significant to your relationship, such as the place you first met, where you had your first date, or somewhere that holds a funny memory.

Have some friends and close family members give clues to personalize the hunt further. The more details you incorporate will show that you have put significant thought and effort into making your loved one feel happy and celebrated.

Put it Somewhere Unexpected

One method that may require less planning, but would be wonderfully surprising, is to place the gift or jewelry box somewhere they will not expect. Choose a place in their home, office, car, etc. that they’re sure to visit and spot the gift.

If your loved one has coffee at a certain table in their house every morning or gets ready at a vanity, consider setting up the gift here in a halo of flower petals or alongside their favorite candies.

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Shop Jewelry Gifts at Adlers Jewelers

Allow our team here at Adlers Jewelers to help you find the jewelry gift that will surprise and thrill your special someone. Our Westfield jewelry store is stocked with a wonderful variety of designer jewelry certain to appeal to any aesthetic preference and personality.

Your loved one will be overjoyed to receive a piece of jewelry from our carefully curated selection. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members, or browse our inventory online.