Characteristics of Designer Bridal Jewelry

Engagement rings and wedding bands are important, sentimentally valuable symbols of your commitment to and everlasting love for your partner. These pieces are cleverly crafted to last a lifetime and are forged in the finest materials, including precious metals and luxe diamonds. Designers of bridal jewelry around the world have taken this art form and offered their unique perspectives on them, creating rings that cater to particular personality types and aesthetic preferences. At Adlers Jewelers, we are proud of the selection of designer bridal jewelry we offer and believe it properly reflects our dedication to excellence and passion for artistry.

Popular Bridal Jewelry Designers

In our jewelry store, you will always be met with sparkling engagement rings and exquisite wedding band options by brands that remain ever on the cutting edge of bridal jewelry trends. Tacori is one such designer. Based in California, many of their designs draw inspiration from the Golden States’ inspiring landscapes and feature 100% conflict-free diamonds. Verragio, on the other hand, largely creates pieces inspired by the iconic architecture of romantic European cities, featuring architectural details and contrasting metals. We are also honored to house rings by Hearts On Fire, known for creating the world’s first trademarked diamond.

Those seeking a ring that feels at once timeless yet contemporary, paying homage to design trends of the past while also looking forward to the future, look no further than our collections of bridal jewelry by Simon G. for a ring you will forever swoon over. A.JAFFE is known for their sleek, contemporary designs that range from minimalistic to extravagant. Their handmade prongs hold high-quality diamonds securely in place. New York City based designer Gabriel & Co. understands the “why” of jewelry and crafts incredible collections that reflect the immense significance of bridal rings and the precious love they denote.

Shop Bridal Jewelry at Adlers Jewelers

It would be our immense honor to play an important role in your one-of-a-kind love story by providing you and your partner with the rings you will wear for the rest of your years together. We have carefully stocked our Westfield jewelry store with an exceptional array of engagement rings and wedding bands crafted by some of the world’s finest designers. Allow our experienced, knowledgeable, and amiable team to guide you through our selection to find the pieces that best suit your individual personality and aesthetic preferences. Request an appointment today for a personalized consultation with one of our team members, or feel free to browse our inventory online.