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Modern Engagement Ring Styles

Modern Engagement Ring Styles

Your engagement ring is one of the most sentimentally and monetarily valuable pieces of jewelry you’ll own in your lifetime. Hence, you want to ensure your engagement ring suits your individual personality and aesthetic preferences. If you tend towards contemporary jewelry styles, browse these modern engagement rings that are certain to speak to you.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

For centuries, halos have been used in engagement ring settings to increase a ring’s brilliance and make the center stone appear more prominent, enshrouded in glittering facets. Hidden halo settings offer a unique take on this classic form, placing the halo of gems below the center stone where it is only visible from the ring’s profile. This fantastic innovation brings visual interest and radiance to a plane of the ring that is often overlooked.

Oval Cut Halo Rings

Oval cut center stones have gained immense popularity in recent years, appearing on the hands of celebrities and royalty alike. This elongated shape retains much of the brilliance of the classic round cut, yet possesses a feminine air and gently curving lines. When encircled by a halo of precisely cut accent stones, this cut is allowed to shine brightly and beautifully. Oval cut halo rings feel at once modern and timeless.

Split Shank Rings

For a dynamic ring that creatively uses positive and negative space, seek out split shank rings. This style is characterized by cuts or splits in the ring's band surrounding the center stone. These splits create distinctive shapes that move the eye along the band, directing the viewer’s gaze toward the start of the show – the center stone. These splits can span only a short distance for a more subtle effect or the entirety of the band.

Bezel Engagement Rings

A bezel setting is characterized by a stone held in place by a ring of smooth metal rather than prongs. Bezels offer a sleek and contemporary feel that covers more surface area of the stone but allows it to remain securely attached to the ring. Engagement rings featuring bezel-set center stones have a wonderfully distinctive appearance that is ideal for anyone looking for a chic and modern ring.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

Similar to split shank rings, intertwining engagement rings feature splits in the band of the ring that creates the illusion of movement. These split bands intertwine with each other, creating visual interest and contrast. Some bands are more tightly interwoven to the point that there is no space between the shanks, and some are quite loose, featuring large open spaces between the shanks. Intertwining rings are whimsical and exciting and will certainly add plenty of intrigue to your bridal stack.

Shop Modern Engagement Rings at Adlers Jewelers

At Adlers Jewelers, it would be our joy to play a small role in your unique love story by providing you with the engagement ring of your dreams. Our Westfield jewelry store is stocked with collections from some of the most celebrated names in bridal jewelry to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation today.

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