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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

The wedding band you choose to wear symbolizes your love and commitment but should also be indicative of your personal style. The finish of a precious metal ring adds unique textures and shine. Our team at Adlers Jewelers have put together a guide to wedding band finishes that may be the best option for you.

Polished Finish

The most glossy and reflective finish on our list, the polished finish is sometimes referred to as the “mirror finish.” This is one of the most popular wedding band finishes, and has been traditionally favored for many years. However, a polished finish will easily show scratches on some precious metals, so routine maintenance will be needed. Or, you can choose a material like polished tungsten as it is highly scratch resistant while still reflecting plenty of light.

Satin Finish

A gentle sheen and smooth texture makes the satin finish the second most popular finish for wedding bands. This finish is characterized by a subdued radiance, and will add a sophisticated accessory to your everyday wear. These rings easily adapt to many aesthetics for a sentimental yet contemporary look.

Matte Finish

With a velvet-looking texture, a matte finish wedding band will work perfectly for those with a minimalistic or rugged lifestyle. This straightforward and muted look will be great for those who do not usually wear any jewelry or for those who care more about the meaning behind the ring than having a statement-making piece.

Brushed Finish

One of the most beloved finishes for men’s wedding bands in particular, the brushed finish is distinctly textured with unique markings along the sides that are made by signature tools for each brand to achieve a unique effect. This style is so popular because it easily hides any scratches or dents that may occur when using your hands for work or play.

Hammered Finish

A dimpled effect in the hammered finish is created by tapping along the surface of the ring. Rustic and distinct, this style is then usually topped with a satin finish to make the hammered parts not as reflective and give the ring a sophisticated glow. The shape of the hammer the jewelry maker uses will create the specific effect within this style of wedding band.

Sandblasted Finish

The most textured of the wedding band finishes is the sandblasted finish. These rings have a noticeably coarse texture that will also hide any scratches or dents that may occur with daily wear. This finish is low-maintenance and great for a durable symbol of your love.

Find Your Wedding Band at Adlers Jewelers

Explore our beautiful selection of wedding bands in a variety of finishes from our Adlers Jewelers showroom. Our team of incredible professionals will be able to assist you in selecting a piece from one our renowned jewelry designers that we house. Visit our Westfield jewelry store for an incredible experience.

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