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Engagement Ring Size Guide

Introduction to Engagement Ring Sizing

It’s crucial for an engagement ring to fit properly. If the ring is too loose, it can slip off. Losing an engagement ring is not only financially tragic but romantically so as well. If it’s too tight, then you could cut off circulation in the finger, which can lead to discomfort and even health problems. Luckily, measuring one’s ring size and, if necessary, resizing the ring itself is simple enough.

What to Know About Sizing for Engagement Rings

Ring sizes are surprisingly complicated. Not unlike shoe pant sizes, there are a plethora of measurement systems depending on the region or brand. In the United States, sizes range from smallest to largest at 0.5-13, while in the United Kingdom, it goes from A-Z. For women, the most common size is between 5-7, or 48-53mm in circumference. Note that finger sizes change with weight change, inflammation, and time. As such, it’s important to measure the ring finger every now and then to see if your ring size has changed at all.

Measure Your Ring Size at Home

It’s quite easy to measure your ring size. All you need is a flexible tape measure and writing instrument. Simply wrap your finger with the measuring tape and mark the point where the ends meet. If you do not own a flexible measuring tape, you can use a piece of yarn to then measure on whatever ruler or tape measure you may have available. Be aware that every finger has its own size, so a left hand’s ring finger will not be the same size as the right hand’s. If you aren’t sure you can get an accurate size this way, there are ring sizing tools available online.

How to Find Your Partner’s Ring Size

Learning your partner’s ring size depends largely on one thing: discretion. Do you want them to know you are planning on proposing? If so, just measure their ring finger, or ask them if they already know their size. Whether you do it at a jeweler or at home is up to you. If you don’t want them to know you are going to propose, then things become a bit more tricky. If they’re a heavy sleeper, you could probably just measure it while they are asleep. We recommend using yarn, as it is soft and less likely to wake them.

Find Your Engagement Ring at Adlers Jewelers

Adlers Jewelers is Westfield couples’ choice for romance, bridal jewelry, and more. We offer a plethora of engagement rings perfect for any size, each stylish and unique. If your ring doesn’t fit comfortably and securely, our talented team of goldsmiths can resize your ring for a nominal fee. We offer other jewelry repair services too, ensuring that your engagement ring lasts a lifetime. Call us at (908) 233-6900 and request an appointment today to guarantee a consultation with our gemologists, goldsmiths, and jewelry professionals.

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