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4540987 top view
4540987 top view


Emerald Diamond Top View
Emerald Diamond Side View
Table 66.00%
Culet None


Diamond Color

The color grade I describes a diamond that is near-colorless with a slight tint or warm hue present. When looked upon by the naked eye, these diamonds will appear mostly colorless to the untrained eye except for a slight warmth or tone to them. Traces of color are visible within the diamond and it is detectable by expert gemologists or other industry professionals. The color of these diamonds will become more noticeable if compared side by side to diamonds with higher color grades. Diamonds of this color grade are beautiful, with nearly undetectable color to them. I is a good color grade choice that offers tremendous value.


The clarity grade SI1 ensures a diamond that has only slight inclusions or internal flaws. These inclusions usually are only visible if you utilize 10x magnification, but possibly may be detected by the naked eye as well. However, many diamonds of this grade have no visible flaws to the unaided eye, thus can be an affordable alternative that still buys a beautiful diamond. SI1 is a good clarity grade choice, catering to a consumer’s budget and still offering a quality diamond.

Representative diamond under high magnification
Diamond Clarity